Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Proper Pinholing

A couple of days ago at college, us photo/filmy people were introduced to pinhole photography. There were three cameras; a coffee can with a hand done hole, an ammo box with a pinhole and the ammo box we used with the "LAZZZOR PUNCHED" hole. Sure the coffee can gave interesting distortions, but the quality of the image the laser hole gave was amazing!!!

Being a pinhole, we were trying to play with scale. The above image of Bournemouth Uni was a bit of an accident. We wanted to be looking up at it, but it was very, very, very wide angle, so we got the fence (1' high) in shot and it looks quite interesting. That's a five minute exposure, and as an image: I love it!

This was an earlier attempt. At bit contrasty.

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